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Free Prescription Delivery

Picture of Well Care's free presciption delivery car
Well Care Pharmacy provides free prescription delivery to anywhere in Las Vegas and Henderson. We deliver to any customer for any reason, whether you have mobility difficulties, receive in-home nursing care, have been recently injured, or are just too busy with daily activities.

Call the Well Care Pharmacy nearest you to learn more and to sign up for this complimentary service.

Why Prescription Delivery Services?


Having chronic pain is difficult enough. Driving to the pharmacy and waiting for prescriptions further compounds the problem. We assist patients by eliminating that extra trip to the pharmacy. Physicians can send the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy and patients can wait in the comfort of their own homes for Well Care to deliver their prescriptions to them. For scheduled II Medications, we can pick up prescriptions from your home and re-deliver the same day. This added convenience has been a tremendous help to our pain management patients. Furthermore, we carry most of the hard to find pain medications in our 3 locations. If we do not have the medication available, we have the ability to receive the pain medication the following day, compared to a few days with other chain pharmacies.


Picture of auto accident We are one of the few pharmacies in town that provide pharmacy services on a lien. We work closely with personal injury lawyers and doctors by dispensing medications on an attorney lien. This is extremely helpful for patients without prescription coverage or money to pay for medications. Because they are able to receive medications without having to pay at the pharmacy, we help improve their condition and reduce experiencing unnecessary pain. Well Care Pharmacy also accepts worker’s compensation insurance. This is a great service especially for patients without the ability to leave their homes or have chronic pain. We are able to deliver the medications directly to their homes.


Picture of home-bound patient eligible for free prescription deliveryMany of our seniors and disabled patients have difficulty with transportation. Our free prescription delivery is a tremendous help for these patients. Often times, these patients rely on family members to take them to the pharmacy. Other patients simply are not able to leave their homes because of their medical condition. Well Care Pharmacy eliminates this burden from the patients and their family members by delivering their medications so they never having to step foot inside a pharmacy.

Well Care Pharmacy also provides this free delivery service to:

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Ask about our Free Prescription Delivery service by calling (855) 4-WELLRX or filling out our online contact form.