At Well Care LTC Pharmacy, our focus is to be a true partner with the facilities we serve.  Allow us to focus on managing all of the pharmacy related needs of the residents, so the facility can focus on patient care.  We understand that long term care patients have specialized needs and require specialized care.  We understand the frustrations for the facilities, the patients, and their families.  We are committed to providing customizable solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.


Assisted Living Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Group Home Facilities

Rehabilitation Facilities
Hospice Organizations
Behavioral Health Facilities

Home Health Agencies
Independent Senior Living Facilities
Adult Day Care Facilities


  • Medication Compliance Packaging
  • Medication Management and Counseling
  • Customer Web Portal
  • Automated Dispensing Systems
  • Provide a Dedicated Account Manager per Facility
  • Provide MARs/eMARs
  • Monthly Detailed Reporting and Billing
  • Provide Med Carts and Supplies
  • Third Party Billing and Reimbursement Management
  • Provide Medication Disposal Receptacles
  • Annual or Bi-Annual Medication Reviews with Clinical Pharmacist
  • Free Holiday, After Hours, and STAT/Non-emergency Deliveries
  • Assistance With Refill Authorizations and Prior Authorizations
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Compounding Services
  • Bedside Delivery of Discharge Medications